As South Florida’s only public research university,

FIU aspires to be recognized as a top 50 public university for achieving exceptional student-centered learning and upward economic mobility, producing socially impactful research and creative activities, and leading transformative innovations locally and globally. FIU’s Next Horizon 2025 strategic plan honors the accomplishments of past strategic plans and continues the commitment to exceptional learner success and the highest level of university research and innovation. At the same time, it is intentionally disruptive and agile to respond effectively to the continued rapid changes in higher education, discoveries and the world of work.

FIU is the only public R1: Doctoral University—Highest Research Activity in South Florida, and we are proud of our record of service to the community and to our students. Our research faculty agenda has enriched the creative and material dimensions for our students, their families and our community. With FIU’s BeyondPossible2020 strategic plan, we charted a course to fulfill our destiny as a world-renowned university. Our Next Horizon 2025 strategic plan offers a pathway to enable more impactful research and creative work that provides solutions for our community.

Research at FIU focuses on addressing scientific challenges, as well as the social and economic needs of Florida and the nation. FIU faculty produces research that is linked to local economic development and problem solving. Research provides high-skill, high-wage jobs for our communities. As an urban research university, we are committed to investing now to foster the next generation of scientists and innovation, which will be the key to global competitiveness, new and better jobs, a resilient economy, and the attainment of essential national goals.