Budget Exceptions

A budget exception will occur for the following reasons:

  1. For project ids that are set up to control at the CC_PG ledger level and there are no funds available
  2. For all other project ids the exception will occur at the CC_PRP ledger DIRECT when budget has been exceeded
  3. If the charges are posting past the project end date.

Exception emails for Journals, AP Vouchers, Travel & Expense Reports and Pro Card Vouchers are sent out by the Office of Budget & Cost Analysis weekly during the month and more frequently at month end. These exceptions need to be cleared within 5 business days from the date of the email. Currently, the journals are overridden because they must post as is, but a resolution is still needed in order to clear the budget exception. If you need assistance clearing any budget exception, please contact your Post-Award Representative or Ana Villanueva.

If exceptions are not cleared by deadline listed in the final email, exceptions will be moved to your area’s overhead non-sponsored project ID and no correction will be processed afterwards.