Participant Payments

If your project includes funds for Participant Payment and it is stated in the proposal that your participants will be compensated in the form of cash, you will need to complete the Advance for Research Payments Form to request the initial Petty Cash Fund. Once you complete this form, it needs to be submitted to your Post-Award Representative along with a copy of your IRB Protocol Approval Letter. Your Post-Award Representative will review the form to make sure that there are funds allocated for Participant Payments in your Project and will forward this form to the Office of Research Integrity(ORI) for further approval. Once the approval process has taken place, the form is sent to the Office of the Controller, Payment Services CSC for processing. Payable services will process the form and will submit a copy of the form to the Disbursements Section and to General Accounting. Disbursements will produce and hand delivers a check to the Lead Cashier in the Bursar’s Office along with a copy of the Advance for Research Subject Form. Bursar’s Office will contact the custodian (PI) designated on the form to make arrangements to pick up the cash. The custodian will provide a picture ID to the Cashier for identity verification and acknowledge receipt of the Participant Payment cash fund on the Advance for Research Subject Form. The Custodian will safeguard the cash in a lock box. To replenish these funds, the PI or custodian will need to complete the Participant Payment Replenishment Form and will submit it to the Post-Award Representative along with the supporting payment log. Post-Award will sign the form and it will be ready to be taken to the Bursar’s Office. The Payment log needs to contain the following information: Study name, Project ID, Participant Name or Identifying Number for confidentiality issues, Date, Payment Amount and Initials of the Participant.

Participant Payment Forms