Policies and Procedures


Charging General Administrative and Clerical Costs on Federally Sponsored Projects
Consultant Services on Sponsored Projects Proposal
Cost Sharing in Sponsored Projects
Direct Costs on Privately Funded Sponsored Projects
Only Allowable Direct Costs may be Charged on Federally Sponsored Project Proposals
Salary and Wage Charges on Sponsored Project Proposals
Temporary Release of Sponsored Project Funds or Temporary Extension


Budget Modifications on Sponsored Projects
Close out of Sponsored Projects
Cost and Payroll Transfers on Sponsored Projects
Cost Sharing Tracking On Sponsored Project Awards
Effort Reporting and Certification
Extra State Compensation From Sponsored Projects for FIU Personnel
Hiring and Paying Consultants on Sponsored Projects
Interest Income Allocation on Sponsored Projects
Items Requiring Prior Sponsor Approval
No Cost Extensions of Sponsored Projects
Overexpenditure and Disallowances On Sponsored Projects
Purchase or Receipt of Items Requiring EH&S Prior Approval
Records Retention Schedule for Sponsored Project Documents
Sponsor Invoicing and Payment Processing
Sponsored Research Purchasing Exemption
Stipend and Other Payments to Students and Temporary Personnel on Sponsored Projects
Subaward Fiscal Monitoring
Subaward Preparation and Payment to Subrecipients on Sponsored Projects
Suspension Accounts
Transfer of Residual Balances to Miscellaneous Accounts
Transfer of Sponsored Projects
Travel on a Sponsored Project
Use of Facilities and Administrative Costs