Division of Research
Budget & Cost Analysis

The Office of Budget and Cost Analysis (OBCA) manages the budget for the Division of Research and resolves issues pertaining to budget exceptions on grants. In addition, OBCA manages timely Effort Reporting for research faculty and staff.

The Office of Budget and Cost Analysis is also responsible for:
  • Managing the distribution of the F&A funds to colleges/and investigators
  • Approving and monitoring research recharge centers and performing cost analysis for the Division of Research
  • Providing administrative support to the FIU Research foundation

Need Assistance?
Below is a listing of contacts within the Office of Budget & Cost Analysis.

Name Title Phone #
Mirtha Alberto Director, Budget & Cost Analysis (305) 348-0166
Sara Abraham Coordinator, Computer Applications (305) 348-6438
Cristina Loreto Coordinator, Research Budgeting (305) 348-0038
Desiree Mesa Senior Grants Specialist (305) 348-8308
Ciara Perez Assistant Director, Budget & Cost Analysis (305) 348-7687
Alejandra Salas Coordinator, Research Budgeting (305) 348-1696