Division of Research
Research Development Unit

Research Development, a new unit at ORED, strives to strengthen research and scholarship activities at FIU by offering an array of support services tailored to the identified needs of research faculty. For faculty interested in securing external funding, the unit identifies grant opportunities and assists with proposal preparation. To foster multidisciplinary collaboration and team science, the Division of Research stimulates professional interest area and networking groups. A robust professional development program, offered in partnership with senior leadership from FIU's colleges, provides FIU faculty with the tools needed to hone their skills as researchers, and with guidance that aligns their research efforts with their departments' requirements for tenure and promotion. On-line resources are available to provide assistance to investigators at all stages of their research careers.

  • Maintains a research calendar on the Office of Research and Economic Development website to advise faculty of research seminars, visits from funding agency officials, and other notable research-oriented events
  • Publishes a monthly newsletter to inform the research community of new awards, funding opportunities, and updates from funding agencies
  • Publishes a quarterly newsletter that provides in-depth coverage of research programs
Finding Funding Initiatives
  • Collaborates with FIU’s colleges and the Faculty Mentor Program to offer professional development programming to assist research faculty in their efforts to secure tenure and promotion
  • Collaborates with the Research Operations and External Partnership Unit to support interdisciplinary research and networking groups composed of faculty from across the University with similar research interests
  • Collaborates with FIU's colleges

Interdisciplinary Networking The Unit works with the research community to establish interdisciplinary opportunities, and facilitates the establishment of professional interest areas (PIAs).  PIAs are special interest groups created to unite faculty around a common research area, which allows them to share and exchange information and ideas, and eventually apply for multidisciplinary funding. During the past year, one PIA was formed in the Radiological Sciences area. This PIA group has successfully secured funding on two research proposals and is currently awaiting a decision on several other proposals. We are in the process of working with faculty on developing a second PIA in the area of climate change. Other groups are also planned.

  • Provides a large collection of grant writing materials to help researchers in the early stages of their research careers
  • Through the generosity of established FIU researchers, a collection of successful proposals is posted online to help junior and midlevel faculty interested in applying for funding
  • External grant review service to support review of a select number of meritorious applications prior to submission to a funding agency
  • Nontechnical grant writing, project management, budget preparation, and resubmission response services are available to faculty by appointment
  • Internal scientific reviews are facilitated for interested faculty
  • External scientific reviews may be organized for investigators on grant proposals

Need Assistance?
For more information on Research Development, please contact Maureen.Pelham@fiu.edu or call 305-348-0485.