Division of Research
FIU Research Facts & Figures

FIU continues building research infrastructure to support the goals of research breakthroughs and discoveries. Research at FIU focuses on addressing scientific challenges, as well as the social and economic needs of Florida and the nation.

Within the context of increasingly competitive research funding and shrinking budgets for state and federal agencies, fiscal year 2012-2013 marked the fourth consecutive year with research awards exceeding $100 million. Additionally, research expenditures have grown to $118M. During the past four years, the proportion of faculty with external funding has increased from 36% (FY 2009) to 43% (FY 2012). Moreover, the proportion of assistant professors with external funding increased to 22.8%, from 15.8% in FY 2009.

Our commitment to interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research is reflected in the new Academic Health Center (AHC) buildings—AHC4 was recently completed and AHC5 is slated for Spring 2014. With 137,500 square feet of research and classroom space, AHC 4 provides state of the art laboratories, lecture halls and student spaces, which create research communities that allow for flexibility and adaptability in research. Moreover, FIU has renovated more than 29,000 square feet at Modesto Maidique Campus, Biscayne Bay Campus and Engineering Center at a cost of over $6M.