Early Career Funding Opportunities

Several federal and non-federal agencies offer research opportunities specifically for early career investigators.  Please note that FIU’s Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED) has numerous tools available to assist early career investigators in the preparation of grant proposals.  For example, the ORED website contains boilerplate text  on FIU and for some mandatory grant requirements, such as NIH and NSF data management plans, and features links to valuable grantwriting resource materials. In addition, to guide preparation of competitive proposals, many FIU faculty members generously agree to share copies of their funded proposals.

ORED offers several mechanisms to improve the quality of grant proposals prior to submission.  For example, with advance notice, ORED will provide proofreading and editorial services for general grantsmanship.  It will also attempt to secure scientific reviews from FIU faculty members with content expertise and/or track records of funding from specific agencies.  Faculty members who complete their grants six weeks prior to deadlines may qualify for FIU’s External Review Service, which provides funds to obtain written reviews from up to two senior investigators not affiliated with FIU. If you wish to learn more about services available to early career investigators, please contact Maureen Pelham, Director of Research Development.