Internal Funding Opportunity

In addition to funding opportunities from outside agencies, the Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED) also oversees the Faculty Research Support Program (FRSP), which provides certain internal funding opportunities.

Eligibility: Only tenured or tenure-earning faculty members are eligible to submit proposals under the FRSP.

Selected Internal Funding Opportunity

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Program to Promote Cross-College Collaboration

Program to Promote Cross-College Collaborations

  • $2,000 grant aimed at stimulating interdisciplinary, cross-college external research grant applications.
  • The funds may be used for any activities related to stimulating cross-college research: pilot data collection, meetings, travel, training, etc.
  • Budget period is limited to a period of 12 months

Each awardee is expected to:

  • Identify one or more collaborators from other FIU colleges who agree to explore opportunities for cross-college research
  • Meet regularly with collaborator(s) to share research ideas
  • Attend quarterly meetings with ORED representatives to cross-fertilize ideas
  • Submit one or more cross-college proposals to a funding agency within 12 months of notice of grant award
  • At end of 12-month period, prepare one-page summary report that outlines activities (e.g., meetings, travel, training, etc.) and identifies proposals submitted by the research group and current status (i.e., pending decision, awarded, declined)