IACUC Topaz Online Protocol Submissions

The IACUC submission process is being facilitated through the online TOPAZ Electronic Protocol Application System. This system provides an efficient way to electronically prepare, submit, approve, and track protocols through the IACUC review process.

Researchers should review all of the information on this page to ensure they are following the appropriate instructions for accessing and submitting protocols through the TOPAZ system. To jump to a specific section of this page, select one of the links below.
IACUC Protocol Submission Instructions
IACUC Application Forms
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IACUC Protocol Submission Instructions

Investigators should first review the Obtaining IACUC Approval page for an overview of the IACUC submission steps before submitting a protocol through the TOPAZ system. Once you have reviewed over the steps, you should then proceed with reviewing the TOPAZ user guides, which provide instructions on submitting protocol applications through the online TOPAZ system. The Full Guide provides a very detailed overview of the TOPAZ system (including screenshots), while the Quick Reference Guide serves as a good refresher for those researchers that are already familiar with using the system.

Creating Topaz IACUC Protocol Applications (Full Guide)
Creating Topaz IACUC Protocol Applications (Quick Reference Guide)

IACUC Application Forms

The following IACUC application forms are available for online electronic submission within the TOPAZ system:

Original Forms

  • IACUC Lab Approval Form – For Initial Lab Submissions
  • IACUC Field Study Approval Form – For Initial Field Study Submissions
  • IACUC Exempt Request Form (For the use of animal carcass/biospecimen and observational field study only)

Amendment Forms

  • IACUC Lab Amendment Form – For Lab Amendments
  • IACUC Field Study Amendment Form – For Field Study Amendments
  • IACUC Exempt Request Form (For the use of animal carcass/biospecimen and observational field study only)

Renewal Forms

  • IACUC Lab Renewal Form – For Lab Renewals
  • IACUC Field Study Renewal Form – For Field Study Renewals

Interim Review Forms

  • IACUC Lab Event Report Form – For Lab Adverse Event or Deviation Reports
  • IACUC Lab Project Completion Form – For Lab Completions
  • IACUC Field Event Report Form – For Field Study Adverse Event or Deviation Reports
  • IACUC Field Project Completion Form – For Field Study Completions
  • IACUC Exempt Request Form (For the use of animal carcass/biospecimen and observational field study only)
  • IACUC Project Completion Transition Form – For Transition Form Completions

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Silverlight: The TOPAZ system runs on Microsoft Silverlight. If you do not have Microsoft Silverlight installed, please contact your system administrator or email us at topaz-help@fiu.edu.
  • Browser Requirements: The TOPAZ system will not work if you have your browser set to “Private Browsing.” The browser must be set in regular mode in order to work (otherwise you will receive an error). This applies to Internet Explorer and Firefox private browsing modes.
    Please note that the regular version of Firefox no longer supports Silverlight.  Users need to move to the ESR release of Firefox, which can be downloaded here:  https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/.  Alternatively, you can use Internet Explorer to access the TOPAZ system on a Windows computer (please do not use Microsoft Edge).  In Windows 10, just click on the start menu and type “Internet Explorer”.
  • LDAP Credentials: The TOPAZ system requires authentication credentials through LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). In order to access the system, your FIU MyAccounts credentials are required (i.e., Panther ID and password)
  • Additional Requirements for Mac users: TOPAZ does not officially support Chrome for use with our applications on Macs, only Firefox is officially supported.
  • Additional Requirements for Windows 10 users: TOPAZ will not work in the default Windows 10 Edge browser however, Internet Explorer 11 will work when the following TOPAZ web address is added to the Compatibility View Settings: https://topaz.fiu.edu/TOPAZEnterprise/
    To do this, select the Start menu to open Internet Explorer. Select Tools > Compatibility View Settings then click Add this website to add the TOPAZ website address to the Compatibility View list.

Accessing the System

  • Topaz System Website:
  • TOPAZ System Login:
    Please login with your MyAccounts login information (i.e., Panther ID and password). All investigators with active protocols should be able to login to the TOPAZ system. If you are unable to access the system, then you will need to follow the System Access Request instructions below, so we can create a TOPAZ account for you.
  • TOPAZ System Access Request for FIU Personnel:
    If you are FIU Personnel (i.e., FIU Faculty, Staff, and Students with existing Panther IDs) and unable to login, please fill out and submit the following form to have a TOPAZ account created: Personnel Access Request Form. You should expect to receive an email confirming that your account has been created within 1-2 business days of submitting the request.
  • TOPAZ System Access Request for Non FIU Personnel:
    If you are Non FIU Personnel (i.e., individuals without existing Panther IDs) and are unable to login to Topaz, please have the Principal Investigator fill out the Person of Interest form referenced on the Division of Human Resources website here.
    Per the HR website: “A POI form can be completed either by the Manager or the Person of Interest. The POI form can be found under the Recruitment forms in the Manager Self Service or Employee Self Service within PantherSoft Human Resources. Once completed, print form and both the supervisor and the person of interest must sign.
    If you have any questions regarding this form, please contact HR directly at: (305) 348-2181.
    After you have submitted this form and received a Panther ID, please proceed to filling out the Personnel Access Request Form to have a TOPAZ account created. You should expect to receive an email confirming that your account has been created within 1-2 business days of submitting the request.
  • TOPAZ System Help: If you have any questions about accessing the TOPAZ system, please email us at topaz-help@fiu.edu.

Useful Tips

  • Click the “Save Button” frequently when completing an application form. The system will not automatically save your work as you complete an application form.
  • When attaching a document to a protocol, make sure that you have closed the document file prior to uploading it as an attachment in Topaz.
  • The maximum size limit for uploading an attachment is 5 MB.
  • Use “Ctrl X” to cut sections from the form; “Ctrl C” to copy sections of the form; and “Ctrl V” to paste into sections of the form.
  • Press F11 to view full screen and to avoid pressing the back button which logs you out of the system.
  • Please add topaz-noreply@fiu.edu to your spam settings since the Electronic Protocol Application System uses this email address.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently asked questions on using the TOPAZ system are available on our main IACUC FAQs web page.

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