Pre-Award, Research Administration

Pre-Award is committed to assisting faculty with all aspects of the proposal submission and award acceptance process.

The Pre-Award Representative will assist you with all aspects of application development and electronic routing including:

  • Developing budgets
  • Filling out agency forms
  • Filling out internal submission forms
  • Uploading documents into the ePRAF
  • Securing approvals via electronic system from department chair and dean
  • Reviewing the application for consistency with federal, state and institution regulations as well as sponsor specific guidelines and requirements
  • Submitting all electronic applications via the prescribed submission method (, Fastlane, NSPIRES, etc.) or providing you with signed hard copies for paper submissions
  • Assisting you with post application items such as budget revisions requested in anticipation of an award, negotiation of award terms and conditions, drafting subcontracts and consulting agreements, assistance with export control related items, non-budgetary sponsor prior approval actions and no-cost extensions

Need Assistance?

For more information on Pre-Award, please contact Roberto Gutierrez via telephone at 305-348-8312 or via email at