Misalignment Insensitive Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)


Florida International University (FIU) is seeking a business partner to develop and commercialize a wireless power transfer system (WPT) that is insensitive to misalignment.

WPT is a convenient way to power devices that require electrical energy and continues to gain popularity. A WPT system typically consists of four elements: a source loop, a load loop, and two additional loops that act as resonators. A conventional transmitter includes a planar resonator and source, while the receiver includes a planar load and resonator. The drawback of such a system is that it is only efficient when the transmitter and receiver elements are resonating at the same frequency and are properly aligned (i.e. they must have the same Q factor). It is often impractical or inconvenient to ensure proper alignment in products incorporating WPT, which results in a dramatic decrease in the energy transfer efficiency.

To address this problem, FIU inventors have designed advantageous systems for WPT that are insensitive to misalignment. The system does not show a significant decrease in efficiency even if the transmitter and receiver alignment is changed such that they are misaligned. The system can be designed to include one or more conductive loops for transmitting or receiving electric power using inductive coupling. The one or more loops can for a transmitter or receiver or both. These loops can be formed on the surface of a sphere, cone, cylinder, or can form part of one of these shapes. If the device is a receiver, it can be a wearable device. The device can also be an implantable device.


WPT systems for: wireless charging/powering of mobile devices, sensors, wearable and implantable devices

  • Misalignment insensitivity
  • Conductive loops can be formed on the surface of a: sphere,

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