Robotic Intelligent Antennas


Florida International University (FIU) is seeking a business partner to develop and commercialize robotic intelligent antennas. The antenna could be any electromagnetic structure, such as an antenna array, energy harvester, and a frequency selective surface.

Reconfigurable antennas which can be compressed, expanded, deflated, or inflated can be useful for satellite communications, military applications, and hostile environments. It is important for the antenna to be responsive to environmental and signal changes in such applications. Antenna capability can be enhanced through artificial intelligence (AI) to continuously monitor the surrounding environment and real time signal requirements to dynamically transform an antenna structure in response to external or internal stimuli.

FIU inventors have developed robotic intelligent antennas that can change their geometry and function by using robotic mechanisms and AI to optimize or reconfigure performance. Robotic mechanisms can guide different components of the antenna in order to change the structural geometry of the antenna. Soft robotic actuators can be used to transform the geometry of the antenna. The transformation of robotic antenna can be guided by AI in order to create intelligent and robotic communication systems that dynamically optimize or change performance by adapting to changes in demand and/or environment. The intelligent robot antenna can comprise a substrate made from a compliant material, a conductive antenna element disposed on the substrate, a senor that senses environmental conditions around the antenna, an actuator that transforms the antenna, and artificial intelligence software that can determine an optimal structural geometry of the antenna based upon the environmental characteristics surrounding the antenna, and direct the actuator to transform the structural geometry of the antenna to an optimal structural geometry.

  • Tactical, portable and field antennas
  • Airborne and space borne antennas
  • Antenna can change its geometry and function using robotics and AI to optimize its performance dynamically or reconfigure its performance dynamically or reconfigure its performance

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