Paper Microfluidic Device for Forensic Serology

Example of a paper microfluidic device

Example of a paper microfluidic device

Florida International University (FIU) is pursuing a business partner interested in commercializing Portable Detection Device for Forensic Serology.

Detection of body fluids, and the ability to distinguish them is very important in a variety of fields, including forensic serology, where their identification is critical for investigators searching for evidence at crime scenes.  Current methods for detecting and identifying body fluids involve isolating the evidence and applying a series of individual tests to each sample in order to determine the type of body fluid present. These processes can waste precious sample, are inefficient, and can lead to running out of an item of evidence before specific testing for body fluids takes place. Current forensic serology techniques also fail to provide long-term stability of test samples.

FIU inventors have developed a paper microfluidic device for the presumptive detection of multiple body fluids from a sample. The device is prepared by printing a pattern on chromatographic paper using a thermal wax printer. The pattern, similar to a tree, branches out into 4-6 separate wells, each with specific reagents for each body fluid, thus allowing multiple tests to be performed on a single sample. Detection occurs using colorimetric reagents that react when placed in contact with the body fluids of interest, the different colors and intensities of the reactions allowing for accurate interpretations of the testing results. Body fluids that can be determined include blood, saliva, semen, perspiration, urine, feces, and vaginal fluids. These detection devices are portable, easy to use, require a small sample size, and provide a fast reaction response visible to the naked eye.

  • Detection and discrimination of body fluids in samples from or at crime scenes.
  • Detects multiple body fluids with a single device and sample, reducing the cost of testing and the waste of valuable body fluid samples
  • Requires a small sample size
  • Provides a quick test response on location
  • Is portable, easy to use, and has a long shelf-life

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