Technologies Available for Licensing


Azulenyl Nitrones
Azulenyl Nitrone Spin Trapping Agents
Biosensor for organic and inorganic arsenicals
Detection tool for Arsenic Exposure
DNA Sensors Using Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Dynamic Fabric Phase Sorptive Extraction (DFPSE)
Ellagitannins as Inhibitors of Bacterial Quorum Sensing
High Throughput Screening Assays of Drugs Against DNA-Binding and RNA Binding Proteins
Label-Free Aptamer-Fluorophore Assembly for Rapid and Specific Detection of Cocaine in Biofluids
Magnetic Nanodelivery of Therapeutic Agents across the Blood Brain Barrier
Method for Human Identification Through Compounds in Human Scent
Microextraction Capsules: A Field Deployable Green Sample Preparation Device
Novel Fabric Phase Sorptive Extraction (FPSE) Media
Novel Library of Native Algae Species with Beneficial Health Effects
Novel Tools for DNA Topology and Topoisomerases Research
Organometallic Nitric Oxide Fluorescent Sensor
Portable Explosive Chemical Detection Device
Predictive Biomarkers for Detection of Organ Damage in Autoimmune Illness
Sab, A Candidate for Human Degenerative Disease and Therapeutic Sensitivity in Cancer
Sustained Release Antivirals for Treatment and Prevention of HIV-AIDS
Technique for Fast Detection of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
Treatment Method for Cancer
Universal Detector Calibrant
Vacuum Device for Biological Sample Collection

Engineering/Applied Materials

A System for Decoding Intended Motor Commands from Recorded Neural Signals for the Control of Powered Devices or to Interact in Virtual Environments
Active Aerodynamics Mitigation & Power Production System
Electronically Activated C-MEMS Electrodes for On-chip Micro Super-Capacitors
High-Wind Resistant Concrete Roofing
Method For Capturing Carbon Dioxide While Producing Hydrogen Gas
Morphing Origami Multi-functional and Reconfigurable Antennas
Nanosilicone Particles For Breast Implants and Other Silicone Based Devices
Nanostructured Molecularly Imprinted Sensors for Direct Electrochemical Detection of Analytes
Novel Age-Hardenable Magnesium Alloy
Novel Detectors of Ionizing Radiation
One-Pot Synthesis of Well-Defined Conjugated Polymers and Oligomers with Controlled Conjugation Length and Colors
Out-of-autoclave curing system
Rapid, Room-Temperature Preparation of Highly Conductive Porous Paper-Based Gold Thin Films

Medical Devices

A Nanotip Array Based Biological Pathogen Sensor
Compliance Matching Vascular Stents
Cortisol Detector
Electrocardiography (ECG) Triggered Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
Fitting system for a neural enabled prosthetic limb system
Hand-held Optical Probe-based Imaging System with 3D Tracking Facilities
Integrated Tremor Detector and TMS Biofeedback System
Intraoperative Guidance System for Tumor Surgery
Landmark-Driven Virtual Colonoscopy with Decorated Surface Mapping and Registration
Methods and Technology for Assisting Visually Impaired Patients
Multi-Lead Multi-Electrode Management System
Novel Functional Imaging of Photoreceptors in the Retina by Rhodopsin Mapping
Novel Nitinol Alloys for Surgical Implants
Novel Percutaneous Aortic Heart Valve and Delivery System
Surface Plasmon Resonance for Live Cell Measurements

Software/Information Technology

3-D Magnetic Memory
A Method for Improved Handover and Interference Management in Next Generation Wireless Networks
Communication Virtual Machine
Load-Balancing Algorithms For Data Center Networks
Method for Enhancing UAV Based Communication
Neural Studio: An Artificial Neural Networks Simulator
Non-blocking Writes for File data