Policies & Procedures

101.02 Pain and Distress in Laboratory Animals
102.02 Surgery
103.02 Physical Restraint of Unesthetized Research Animals
104.02 Use of Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Compounds and/or Expired Medical Materials
105.02 Food and Water Restriction of Laboratory Animals
106.02 Death as an Endpoint
107.04 Euthanasia
108.02 Occupational Health and Safety of Personnel with Lab Animal Contact
109.02 Whistle Blower Policy and Posting
110.02 Education and Training Strategies in the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals for IACUC Members, and Institutional Official
111.02 Animal Adoption & Release Agreement
112.02 Oviparous Fish Embryo Use in Teaching and Research at FIU
113.02 Management of Mouse Breeding Colonies
114.02 Animal Biosafety Level 2 (ABSL-2) Procedures and Signage Requirements
115.01 Animal Holding Protocol
116.01 Social Housing & Enrichment
117.01 Necropsy in Principal Investigator’s Lab
118.01 Assigning Animals to USDA Pain and Distress Categories
2. Administrative
201.02 FIU Laboratory Animal Research – SOP and Guidelines
202.02 Access to the Laboratory Animal Research
203.02 Personnel Qualifications
204.02 Emergency Veterinary Coverage
205.02 Ordering, Receiving, Inspection and Tracking of Controlled Substances
206.01 Animal Care Facility Access
3. Animal Care and Husbandry
301.03 Animal Environment and Space Requirement
302.02 Animal Health Checks
303.03 Animal Identification
304.02 Medical Records
305.02 Animal Bedding
306.02 Animal Diet
307.02 Quality Testing of Water
308.02 Maintenance of Animal Rooms & Common Areas of the Animal Facility
309.02 Monitoring the Effectiveness of Sanitization in the Animal Facility
310.02 Environmental Enrichment
311.02 Overcrowding of Mouse and Rat Cages
312.02 Care of Sick or Injured Animals
313.01 Handling of Animals found Dead or Moribund
314.02 Census Sheet Procedure
315.02 Rodent Care and Husbandry
316.02 Rabbit Care and Husbandry
317.01 African Clawed Frog (Xenopus laevis) Care and Husbandry
318.02 Bobwhite Quail (Colinus virginianus) – Care and Husbandry
319.01 Guidelines for Performing Survival Surgery in USDA Regulated Species
320.02 Swine Care and Husbandry
4. Animal Procurement and Transportation
401.02 Animal Ordering
402.02 Receiving and Placement of Animals
403.03 Animal Transportation
5. Preventive Medicine
501.03 Rodent Health Surveillance
502.01 Sentinel Soiled Bedding Procedures
503.03 Procedures for Scheduled Testing of Sentinel Rodents
504.02 Animal Quarantine
505.02 Rodent Cage Changing Technique and Cage Sanitization
506.02 Quarantine Room Maintenance
507.02 Importing Rodents from Non-Approved Vendors
508.02 Rodent Necropsy
509.02 Pest Control
510.01 Working Safely in a Biological Safety Cabinet
511.01 Personal Protective Equipment Requirements
512.01 Utilizing Steris Steraffirm Steam Emulating Indicators
6. Pain, Anesthesia and Analgesia
601.02 Analgesia of Laboratory Animals
602.02 Anesthesia of Laboratory Animals
603.02 Monitoring the Anesthetized Patient
604.02 Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation
605.02 Assessment of Post-Procedural Pain Using a Scoring System
606.02 Buprenex (Buprenorphine) and 0.9% NaCl Analgesic Mix Preparation
7. Experimental Procedures
701.02 Collection of Blood Samples
702.01 Processing and Submission of Laboratory Specimens
703.02 Recommended Volumes for Administered Substances
704.02 Methods for Rodent Genotyping
705.01 Safe Work Practices for the use of MPTP in the Laboratory and Vivarium
8. Equipment
801.02 Use and Maintenance of Small Animal/Rodent Anesthesia Machine
802.02 Operation of the Cage Washer Machine
803.02 Operation of the Dumping Station
804.01 EZTest Incubator Model 1410 – Use and Maintenance
805.01 Use and Maintenance of Quincy Lab Incubator Model 10-140
806.01 Use and Maintenance of the Steris Vesta-Mizer Proportioner
807.01 Use and Maintenance of Personnel Air Shower
808.01 Operating the Interactor II Model – 24 Volt Battery Charger
809.01 Care and Use of the Hydropac AWS-2500 Pouch Machine and HYP-2527 Wall Mounted Proportioner
810.03 Use and Maintenance of the Steris Sterilizers
811.01 Use and Maintenance of the Steris Rack Washer
9. Forms

Animal Facility SOPs & Forms Training & Competency

Animal Facility Orientation of New Personnel at FIU

Training Record

Receiving and Tracking Controlled Substances

Controlled Substance – Buprenex (Buprenorphine)/ 0.9% NaCl

Controlled Substance – Ketamine/Xylazine/Acepromazine/0.9% NaCl

F-Air Canister Weight Tracking Form

LabVac Canister Weight Tracking Form

Rodent Necropsy Record

Rodent Husbandry and Room Maintenance Form

Controlled Substance – Transfer to User Form

Controlled Substance Use Form

Sentinel Rodent Record

Food & Bedding Storage Humidity and Temperature Data Form

Health Action Form

Animal Transfer Notification Form

African Clawed Frog (Xenopus laevis) Care and Husbandry

African Clawed Frog (Xenopus laevis) Water Testing

Surgery Suite and Procedure Rooms Maintenance Log

Bobwhite Quail Husbandry and Room Maintenance Form

Sentinels Placement Log

Animal Adoption & Release Agreement Form

Project Estimate Form

ACF Supplies Order Form

Bioburden of Dry Autoclave Load Form

Environmental Monitoring of Equipment and Surfaces Form

Autoclave Run Log Form

Animal Care Facility Access Form

Rabbit Medical Record

Anesthetic Record
931.01 Rodent Post-Surgical Record
932.01 Anesthesia Machine Use Record
933.01 Pig husbandry and Room Maintenance Form
934.01 Swine Medical Record
935.01 Animal Importation Information Request Form