Required Training

There are four mandatory requirements to complete Animal Care and Use Training:

  1. CITI on-line training through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) website: All certification course work, unless specifically indicated, is to be completed using the CITI website. All personnel working with animals must complete the CITI training.
  2. Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) offers FIU employees and students a training course, which covers occupational health and safety, laboratory animal environment, and hygiene in the laboratory animal facility.
  3. Meet to review protocol requirements and one-on-one training with the Attending Veterinarian
  4. Meet and train with the facilities manager

Animal Handling and Technique Training

LAR staff members provide animal handling and technique training classes free of charge to individuals listed on animal protocols.

We offer also species specific training that is unique to the PI’s protocol. When attending these sessions, trainees will meet with a trainer for a one-on-one session. These sessions are personally scheduled to assist the trainee in meeting their needs within the research protocol. The trainee is required to read the full protocol so they can access pertinent information during the training session.

Additional Resources

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