DV Elite Imaging System

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  • TruLight Illumination System: The TruLight Illumination System is a new design for the DeltaVision fluorescence Illumination path that consists of four key elements: Excitation, Concentration, Automation and Application. TruLight delivers outstanding signal to noise performance and 5 times more light to the sample, enabling detection of small, dim objects such as organelles and microbial particles. TruLight supports a vast range of options to enhance system performance, including UltimateFocus and Multi-line TIRF.
  • InsightSSI Solid State Illumination: The InsightSSI illumination module incorporates novel light source technologies for optimal performance.
  • UltimateFocus: UltimateFocus automatically maintains the sample z-position regardless of mechanical or thermal changes that can impact your experiment. The Focus Assist feedback loop of UltimateFocus determines the distance between the objective and the coverslip. It guides the user to bring the objective into the area of focus without using the eyepieces or a camera.
  • Illumination Uniformity: Every DeltaVision system utilizes the proprietary photosensor correction system.
  • Differential Interference Contrast (DIC): DIC light microscopy produces finely detailed high contrast images to rapidly visualize the state of the cell. DIC combined with epifluorescence provides more information within context of the sample.
  • The X4 Laser Module: The X4 Laser Module combines up to four lasers that are active simultaneously for increased performance. The increased laser line selection allows greater flexibility in the use of fluorescent dyes and proteins.
  • Photoactivation/Photokinetics/FRAP/FLIP: Photoactivable and photoconvertible proteins give the user the ability to take a more active role in expanding the type of data collected. The sub-diffraction limited spot size of the X4 Laser Module enables exquisite control over the target area for quantitative results.