IACUC Member Resources

This web page contains helpful resources and guidance to support FIU IACUC Members in the effective and efficient review of protocols. Checklists and instructions on how to review a protocol have been included to aid in protocol review. This page also includes links to background materials relevant to animal research regulations.

IACUC Member Standards

Members of the IACUC provide an invaluable service to the FIU research community. Faculty, staff and community members participating on IACUCs have an obligation to maintain the highest standards of judgment relative to their duties as members.

IACUC Member Training

IACUC Members are required to complete the CITI ‘Essentials for FIU IACUC Members Course’. Please note a new course has been added for IACUC Community Members called the ‘IACUC Community Member Course’. In addition, online webinars are available to reviewers and will be announced by the IACUC Coordinator through the FIU IACUC listserv. Materials from these webinars are available at the IACUC Sharepoint Site

IACUC Meeting Calendars

The meetings are tentatively scheduled to take place on the second Monday of June and December at 10:00 AM in MARC 412 (dates, time and location are subject to change). Meeting and Agenda items can be found at the following page: Committee Meetings Schedule

IACUC Member Review Guides

The TOPAZ Reviewing Protocols guides provide instructions on reviewing protocol applications through the online TOPAZ system. The ‘Full Guide’ provides a very detailed overview of the TOPAZ system (including screenshots), while the ‘Quick Reference Guide’ serves as a good refresher for those members that are already familiar with using the system.

IACUC Member Review Checklist

The following sample checklist is available for the IACUC members to use as tools for the IACUC reviews. These may be used both for individual member Designated Reviews as well as for preparation of Full Board review meetings.

While members are not required to fill out this checklist, it will assist in the IACUC review process to help assure that the federal and local requirements for IACUC review and approval are met.

IACUC Member Additional Resources