Obtaining Initial FIU IACUC Approval

The following steps are provided to assist investigators with submitting applications to the FIU IACUC for review and approval.

Step 1: Determine if You Need IACUC Review

IACUC approval is required for all research, teaching and training that involve animals.  However, you are also required to obtain IACUC Exemption Approval to work with animal carcass/biospecimen, invertebrates and for observational field studies.  Furthermore, please note that certain Invertebrate species may require permits from one or more of the following organizations:

Step 2: Complete the CITI Online IACUC Training Course

All personnel that will be engaged in conducting research, teaching and/or training with animals are required to complete the CITI Online “Working with the IACUC – Lab” for lab studies and the CITI Online “Working with the IACUC – Field” for field studies.

In addition, it is imperative that all personnel that come into contact with animals are risk assessed.

Sign Up for CITI Online IACUC Training
Occupational Health & Safety – Risk Assessment Process

Step 3: Review the Guidelines and Policies

The Investigator is required to follow guidelines set forth by the IACUC in conducting animal research, teaching and training. Additional IACUC requirements may be required depending on the type of animal work you are conducting.

Access IACUC Regulations, Policies & Procedures

Step 4: Submit an Application

FIU IACUC applications need to be submitted through the online TOPAZ Electronic Protocol Application System.

Investigators should complete one of the following forms:

          • IACUC Lab Approval Form (For animal work conducted in Laboratories)
          • IACUC Field Study Approval Form (For animal work conducted off-site in field locations)
          • IACUC Exempt Request Form (For the use of animal carcass/biospecimen, invertebrates and observational field study only)

Information on the TOPAZ Electronic Protocol Application System

Step 5: Application Review Process

          • Admin Review: Your submission is first pre-evaluated by the IACUC Coordinator for completeness.
          • Pre-Review: The IACUC looks over the application and are given the opportunity to call for a Full Board Review. In addition, comments may be raised. This pre-review will normally take at least 5 business days, but can vary depending on the complexity of the submission and the current workload of submissions.
          • Designated Review: After the Pre-Review has occurred and Full Board Review was not requested, the protocol will be assigned to a reviewer. This review will normally take at least 5 business days, but can vary depending on the complexity of the submission and the current workload of submissions. In addition, a request for revisions can be made and will require the PI to address.
          • Full Board Review: If it is determined that Full Board Review is necessary, the protocol will be placed on a meeting agenda. You should expect the Full Board process to take at least 1 month.
          • Final Approval: You will need to wait until you receive an email containing the final approval letter before you can begin your research.

Access the TOPAZ online protocol application system