IACUC Training Requirements

According to federal guidelines each Institution is responsible for training its staff to meet the performance requirements cited in the PHS Policy. At a minimum, however, the policy requires institutions to ensure that individuals who use or provide care for animals are trained and qualified in the appropriate, species-specific housing methods, husbandry procedures, and handling techniques. The institution must ensure that research staff members performing experimental manipulation, including anesthesia and surgery, are qualified through training or experience to accomplish such procedures humanely and in a scientifically acceptable fashion. They must also provide training or instruction in research and testing methods that minimize the number of animals required to obtain valid results and minimize animal distress. Institutions must also ensure that professional staff whose work involves hazardous biological, chemical, or physical agents have training or experience to assess potential dangers and select and oversee the implementation of appropriate safeguards.

The FIU IACUC requires ALL persons participating in research and/or teaching involving animal subjects to receive training.  Below you will find information and instructions on how to access the required training website. Please direct any questions regarding the IACUC training requirements to the following e-mail address: iacuc@fiu.edu.

Animal Care and Use Training

FIU utilizes a customized online tutorial to provide certification for animal care and use. Below are the steps to register and access the training course:

  1. Go to http://www.citiprogram.org
  2. As a “new” user, you will need to click “Register Here” to register for the training course.
  3. Select “Florida International University” from the Participating Institutions and click “submit”.
  4. Create a unique username and password and click “submit”.
  5. Enter your personal information (last name, first name, email) and then click “submit”.
  6. Continue entering additional information (gender, degree, etc.). When asked which course you plan to take, please select: “Laboratory Animal Welfare.” When you have finished completing this page, please click “submit”.
  7. You should now be able to access the training courses menu.
      • Investigators/Researchers will need to complete the “Working with the FIU IACUC – Lab Course” or the “Working with the FIU IACUC – Field Course” which would be more appropriate for Field Studies.
      • IACUC Members will need to complete the “Essentials for FIU IACUC Members Course”
      • IACUC Community Members will need to complete the IACUC Community Member Course

You will have the opportunity to print a Training Certificate upon completion of the training course and exam. A scanned copy of this certificate must be included in your IACUC submission. Please keep an original copy for your records.

Questions about CITI Online Training

If you are having technical difficulties in signing up or in navigating the CITI Program website, please visit the CITI Program Support web page.

For additional training opportunities, please visit the IACUC Training Opportunities web page for further guidance.