Guidance on the Use of Public Use Data Sets

Introduction to Public Use Datasets

All “public-use” de-identified data sets that are accessible from the sources listed below have been deemed acceptable for use in research without the need for obtaining FIU IRB approval.  A public-use dataset is considered as a de-identified dataset that can be freely downloaded (or may require a short application to request access to the data), but does not require for FIU to enter into a formal written agreement with the provider of the data.

Important: Please note that some of these sources may also offer “restricted-use” and/or “limited-use” datasets.  The use of restricted use or limited use datasets still requires FIU IRB approval and the agreements associated with the use of those datasets must be routed through ORED via the Agreement Request Form.  Please contact the FIU Office or Research Integrity if you have any questions.

Public Use Datasets that Do Not Require IRB Approval