Budget and Cost Analysis

The Budget and Cost Analysis (BCA) group manages the budget for ORED and direct report areas.  The staff resolves issues pertaining to budget exceptions on grants and activity numbers in research-related IDs; coordinates month and year-end closing procedures; manages the distribution of facilities and administrative (F&A) funds;  oversees the development/approval of recharge centers and associated rates; performs cost analysis; creates and administers non-sponsored project IDs; performs annual reporting to the National Science Foundation on the Higher Education Research and Development Survey (HERD), and manages the Faculty Research Initiatives Program (FRIP) bonus program.

The group is also responsible for managing timely reporting of effort for research faculty and staff.  Faculty and researchers are required to report the amount of effort they dedicate to research projects every semester.  FIU utilizes the ECRT effort reporting system and the Budget and Cost Analysis Office offers one-on-one training, which can be arranged by contacting ecrt@fiu.edu.

Budget and Cost Analysis is also responsible for:

  • Managing the distribution of the facilities and administrative (F&A) funds to colleges and investigators
  • Approving and monitoring research recharge centers and performing cost analysis for the Office of Research and Economic Development
  • Creating and managing non-sponsored project IDs. For non-sponsored project ID requests, please use the request form
  • Providing administrative support to the FIU Research foundation

Need Assistance?

Below is a listing of contacts within the Office of Budget & Cost Analysis.

Name Title Phone #
Mirtha Alberto Senior Director, Budget & Cost Analysis (305) 348-0166
Paula Alger Budget & Cost Analyst III (305) 348-7761
Gema Bonilla Budget & Cost Analyst II (305) 348-5262
Steven Diaz Budget & Cost Analyst III – UGS (305) 348-4711
Desiree Mesa Budget & Cost Analyst II (305) 348-8308
Vanessa Garcia Budget & Cost Analyst II (305) 348-1696
Lydia Gonzalez Budget & Cost Analyst III (305) 348-0038
Ciara Perez Director, Budget & Cost Analysis (305) 348-7687