Research Integrity

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Research Integrity

Research Integrity provides assistance in the following areas of research compliance:

Human Subjects Protection:

Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval is required for research involving human subjects. There are two IRBs: a Social and Behavioral IRB (SB-IRB), chaired by Dr. Kristen Zgoba, and a Health Sciences IRB (HS-IRB), chaired by Dr. Adriana Campa. Click here to see the list of IRB members.

Animal Welfare Protection:

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) approval is required for research, research training, experimentation, or biological testing (or for related purposes) involving animals. The Chair of the IACUC is Dr. Robert Lickliter.

Biosafety Protection:

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) approval is required for research involving recombinant DNA (rDNA) or synthetic nucleic acid molecules. The Chair of the IBC is Dr. Timothy Allen.

Dual Use of Research Concern (DURC):

Institutional Review Entity (IRE) approval is required for life sciences research involving one or more of the 15 agents or toxins listed in the USG Policy for Institutional Oversight of Life Sciences Dual Use Research of Concern.  The Chair of the IRE is Dr. Laura Serbus.

Responsible Conduct of Research:

ORI provides training for the responsible conduct of research utilizing the CITI Online Training website to disseminate information to faculty, staff, and students. Continuing education workshops are also offered throughout the year.

Research Misconduct:

FIU’s Ethical Panther Hotline provides an anonymous and confidential way for faculty, staff, and students to report allegations of research misconduct and other ethical concerns.  Access the Ethical Panther Hotline:

Upcoming Events

Jun 6, 2024: RCR Workshop - Plagiarism  at MARC - Management & Advanced Research

Presented by: Douglas Wartzok, Ph.D, Provost Emeritus and Emeritus Professor of Biological Sciences Following Federal guidelines, FIU policy defines plagiarism as “The appropriation of another person’s ideas, processes, results, or… [...]

Jul 9, 2024: RCR Workshop: Peer Review  at MARC - Management & Advanced Research

Presented by: Noel Barengo, Associate Professor, MD, MPH, PhD This workshop will highlight the importance of Peer Review. It is a very important step of the scientific process. Writing a… [...]

Sep 18, 2024: RCR Workshop: Civility Issues in Research Environments at MARC - Management & Advanced Research

Presented by: Ryan Kelley, Senior Director Administrative Services and Dr. Mario Lewis, Assistant Director Talent Management Development This workshop presents a very imporant topic that discusses, "Civility Issues in Research… [...]

Oct 9, 2024: RCR Workshop - Conflict of Interest in Research and Intellectual Property

Presented by: Diana Firvida-Oliva, Assistant General Counsel & Pedro "Peter" Hernandez, Director, Technology Management & Commercialization The conflict of interest session will explain the requirements for FIU employees and other… [...]

Nov 7, 2024: RCR Workshop:  Mentor/Trainee Roles & Responsibilities - How to Select a Mentor for Every Stage of your Career.  at MARC - Management & Advanced Research

Presented by: Dr. Bryan Dewsbury, Associate Professor of Biology, Associate Director of the STEM Transformation Institute. This workshop will highlight strategies for managing mentor-mentee relationships that allow for flexible, dialogic… [...]

Need Assistance?

Below is a listing of contacts in the Office of Research Integrity:

Name Title Phone #
Christopher Grayson Director, Research Integrity (305) 348-8379
Barbara Rodriguez Associate Director, Research Integrity (305) 348-8316
Caridad (Carrie) Bassols IRB Coordinator (305) 348-2132
Madison Jimenez COI-RC and  RCR Coordinator (305) 348-2494
Maria Melendez-Vargas IRB Coordinator (305) 348-8311
Elvia (Eva) Molina Program Assistant (305) 348-0056
Jennifer Perez Foreign Influence Manager (305) 348-5088
Angel Rayo IACUC, IBC & LSC Coordinator (305) 348-2407
Kourtney Wilson IRB Coordinator (305) 348-0161