Technology Management and Commercialization

Technology Management and Commercialization is primarily responsible for the evaluation and management of inventions, invention disclosures and the overall patenting process for FIU innovations. The group manages the evaluation of disclosed technology through assessment of patentability, economic value, and other factors that could affect its commercialization. The staff also handles the negotiations and licensing of FIU innovations. Additionally, they work with the University community to foster collaborations with industry with particular focus on promoting research, student research opportunities, and economic development.

Technology Management and Commercialization is responsible for:

  • Receiving and managing invention disclosures from members of the FIU community
  • Assisting FIU faculty, staff, and students with all phases of intellectual property protection and commercialization of technology
  • Discussing with inventors potential patent filings and matters dealing with patentability
  • Evaluating ideas for possible intellectual property protection and marketability
  • Discussing with FIU faculty, staff, and students the potential for corporate spin-outs of their innovations
  • Discussing and assisting with potential licensing opportunities and collaboration
  • Managing the filing and prosecution of patent applications
  • Handling licensing negotiations and licensing of FIU technology
  • Training groups within FIU regarding the different aspects of technology management and commercialization

To learn more about Technology Management and Commercialization please refer to the Inventor’s Handbook

Need Assistance?

For more information on Technology Management and Commercialization, please contact Yanara Ferreiro via telephone at 305-348-0008 or via email at:

Below is a listing of contacts within Technology Management and Commercialization.

Name Title Phone #
Pedro “Peter” Hernandez Senior Director (305) 348-3051
Elizabeth Garami Licensing Manager (305) 348-2638
Shantanu Balkundi Assistant Director (305) 348-8061
Jiansong Xu Licensing Manager (305) 348-5948
Yanara Ferreiro Manager, Admin Services (305) 348-2917