Research Management Solutions

Research Management Solutions (RMS) is focused on serving preeminent and emerging preeminent research centers and faculty in strategic research areas with functions such as finance, purchasing, travel, human resources, facilities and overall post-award project administration. The RMS team is available to assist with questions related to project management and can provide support through interaction with other FIU service units. The RMS team is also responsible for providing guidance and coordinating training to research administrators across the University.

RMS provides administrative assistance to faculty and research centers with time sensitive projects. The group assists FIU researchers who are responsible for large research operations by directly assisting in the execution of grants and contracts in areas pertaining to human resources, purchasing, travel and other grant-related activities that require interaction and support from other FIU service units. The goal of this service is to work with the PIs, departments and colleges to assure that project timelines are not jeopardized by unnecessary and avoidable delays.

Need Assistance?

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