Approval Process Overview

All proposals to external sponsors for projects that will involve University faculty and/or staff must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Pre-Award for compliance with federal and state statutes and regulations as well as sponsor and FIU guidelines, policies and procedures prior to forwarding the proposal to the prospective sponsor. Proposals may not be submitted to the sponsor absent Pre-Award’s approval.

However, certain types of proposals do not Require Pre-Award’s Prior Approval. These are:

      • Fellowships where funding is being made directly to the fellow (rather than through the University) and no University authorized signature is required by the sponsor.
      • White paper or preliminary proposal if it does not contain any of the following:
      • A budget, Commitment of University cost sharing or space other than what is already available to the PI or
      • An authorized University signature

All other proposals MUST be approved by Pre-Award before they are submitted to the sponsor.

Please see Policy #2320.070 “ORED Prior Approval of Sponsored Project Proposals”

What is a Completed Proposal Package?

When the proposal is submitted to Pre-Award for review, it must contain the following items:

      • ePRAF, with all required signatures
      • Draft of the Technical proposal
      • Finalized Budget and budget narrative
      • Direct Charge Exemption form (if applicable)
      • Collaboration letters and/or third party cost sharing commitment letters (if applicable)
      • Cost sharing form (if applicable)
      • Any specific sponsor requirements/forms
      • Subawardee Commitment Form (if applicable)
      • Consultant Commitment Form (if applicable)

When is my proposal due to ORED?

      • Most proposal packages are due in Pre-Award at least 5 business days prior to the sponsor’s deadline for receipt of the proposal BUT
      • The deadline for submission of the complete proposal package to Pre-Award is 8 business days prior to the sponsor proposal deadline if the proposal includes:
            • Collaboration with entities/persons outside of FIU; i.e., the project will include subcontracts or consulting agreements or
            • Is a center application

Please see Policy # 2320.025 “Deadlines for Proposal Submissions for ORED Review”