Method for Human Identification Through Compounds in Human Scent


Florida International University (FIU) is pursuing commercial partners interested in developing and commercializing a method for human identification through compounds in human scent. This method has proved to be effective in obtaining humans profiles demonstrating humans scent variability which can serve as a potential human identification/detection tool in forensics and as a technique to monitor odor changes cause by the onset of a disease in the medical field.

Up to recently there were technology limitations to differentiate individuals based on their odor; one of the most common tools was the use of trained canine, therefore this novel invention can create a new field in human identification as a biometric measurement. The scarcity of scientific background pertaining to human odor and scent collection methods has led to successful legal challenges to the use of canine human scent discriminations for investigative purposes; this invention could address this issue in the criminal justice field.

The technique developed by FIU researchers could also impact the medical field as it can establish the base odor of an individual and monitor the change in such individual’s odor due to a disease. This technique could represent a new diagnostic tool that can easily alert to the potential onset of a disease just by one’s scent.


Compounds of the human scent can be used in forensic field as an identification tool and in security at port of entries. The technology is also applicable in the medical field and for genetic research.

  • Rapid and reliable.
  • Cost effective.
  • Minimum sample is required.
  • Highly specific and sensitive.

For additional information about this technology opportunity, please contact Elizabeth Garami at or by phone at 305-348-0008 and ask about record IP 0509.