High-Wind Resistant Concrete Roofing


Florida International University (FIU) is seeking companies interested in commercializing a High-Wind Resistant Concrete Roofing. This system reduces hurricane-induced damage, property losses and insurance costs, and enhances occupant safety, while being aesthetically attractive, and similar to the existing tile roof systems. The system’s structural and economic feasibility, constructability, and performance have been validated through detailed experimental investigations. Details of the investigations are available upon request.

Hurricane-induced damage and property losses are due in large part to failure of roofs and water intrusion. To improve roof strength and performance, this system uses concrete panels reinforced by high-performance fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) meshes. The system eliminates commonly used roof components and subassemblies such as wooden trusses, sheathing, underlayment, and shingles or tiles, which are most vulnerable in high winds. The new system replicates the shape and color of commonly used barrel tiles or other shapes, thus preserving the aesthetics of traditional roofing. Additional features are unimpeded and spacious attic space and increased interior volume underneath the roof. The system’s estimated cost is comparable to the cost of conventional roofing systems.


The system is light, strong, wind-water-debris resistant, and is applicable to new construction as well as for upgrading roof systems of existing buildings.

  • Exceeds the minimum requirement by the Florida Building Code for hurricane-prone regions.
  • Able to withstand winds up to 200 mph.
  • Provides high structural integrity at low cost, and is wind-water-debris resistant.
  • Able to reproduce tile patterns and maintain the aesthetic appeal of traditional roofs.
  • Accommodates pre-installed wiring and utility connections.
  • Incorporates pre-attached insulation to accomplish higher energy rating.
  • Has high ductility.
  • Provides higher fire rating than existing systems.
  • Is Corrosion resistant.
  • May be prefabricated or cast in place.

For additional information about this technology opportunity, please contact Elizabeth Garami at egarami@fiu.edu or by phone at 305-348-0008 and ask about record IP 1203.