Out-of-autoclave curing system


Florida International University (FIU) is pursuing a business partner interested in developing and commercializing an Out-of-Autoclave Curing System. FIU inventors fabricated a novel way to cure and bond substrates together without the possible damage to the substrates that may be caused from reheating during secondary curing.

This method utilizes adhesives and a mesh for controlling bond line thickness. The mesh includes fiber optic filaments that can be irradiated with UV light which in turns radiates the adhesive bonding the substrates together. This curing method is highly applicable to many substrates and materials.

We are seeking business partners to further develop and commercialize the Out-of-Autoclave Curing System as a viable alternative to existing curing systems that can be used to cure any substrate regardless of size, shape, and thickness.


All fields where composite materials and bonding structures are used.

  • Elimination of the use of an expensive autoclave.
  • Eliminates damage caused by secondary heating.
  • Eliminates the requirement for molds for secondary curing.
  • Can be used for any composites of any size, shape, and thickness.
  • Not limited to use for bonding composites.

For additional information about this technology opportunity, please contact Elizabeth Garami at egarami@fiu.edu or by phone at 305-348-0008 and ask about record IP 1224.