Fitting system for a neural enabled prosthetic limb system


Florida International University (FIU) is seeking a business partner to commercialize a Fitting System for A Neural Enabled Prosthetic Limb System. Currently, thirty-eight percent of upper extremity amputees reject their prosthesis due to improper fit, repeated mechanical failure, high cost of repair or replacement, and overall dissatisfaction of the performance. FIU researchers have developed technology that provides methods, software and devices, to fit a prosthetic hand with sensors to one or more electrodes implanted close to the sensory fibers in the peripheral nerves to the patient individual needs.

This device has perception modality matching method to map information from different types of sensors to stimulation parameters of corresponding electrodes, link implanted electrodes of different modalities, a Graphical User Interface (GUI) which gives visual representation, using three screens, can check multiple electrodes for integrity, calibrate multiple electrodes, configure sensors, give means by which the user can graphically mark the location and modality of sensation, etc. This fitting system is meant to increase quality and control of sensation. It is also customizable to patients according to their needs.


This fitting system is to be used for any neural enabled prosthetic hand system.

  • Customizable to individual amputee’s needs.
  • Calibrates multiple electrodes.
  • Provides linking of electrodes of different modalities.
  • Presents visual feedback using a GUI.
  • Configures sensors.

For additional information about this technology opportunity, please contact Elizabeth Garami at or by phone at 305-348-0008 and ask about record IP 1310.