High Throughput Screening Assays of Drugs Against DNA-Binding and RNA Binding Proteins


Florida International University (FIU) is pursuing commercial partners interested in developing applications and commercial products for high throughput screening of drugs that target DNA and RNA binding proteins, the so-called “undrugable” targets. The new revolutionary FIU screening tools provide a robust method to screen compound libraries targeting regulatory DNA and RNA binding proteins considered otherwise undrugable targets. This new high throughput screening method has great potential for the discovery of novel anticancer and antibacterial drugs and biologicals.

The present technology provides a unique way for drug screening that can be formulated into commercial kits for the identification of compounds that targets the DNA binding or RNA binding proteins including transcription factors in a rapid and large scale format.


Provides rapid drug screening assays targeting DNA-binding and/or RNA-binding proteins, the so-called “undrugable targets” and/or “master regulators” that play important roles in a wide range of human diseases.

Facilitates drug discovery of undrugable targets that can results to the identification of new anticancer and antibacterial drugs.

  • Low cost, practical, and robust.
  • Simple to perform.
  • Safe Non-radioactive assay.
  • High sensitivity and specificity.

For additional information about this technology opportunity, please contact Elizabeth Garami at egarami@fiu.edu or by phone at 305-348-0008 and ask about record IP 1333.