Conflict of Interest Research Committee (COI-RC)

The COI Research Committee (COI-RC) is charged with reviewing instances of potential or actual financial conflicts of interest in research and for developing and reviewing monitoring plans to manage the conflicts that are capable of being managed.

Florida International University promotes objectivity in research by establishing and maintaining standards that require the design, conduct, and reporting of research conducted at the University, or on its behalf, be free from bias due to any conflict of interest.

This site contains the necessary guidance and tools to assist employees during the COI Monitoring submission, review and, if applicable, approval process. You can find them on the right navigation menu, which includes an overview of the COI Process, the requirements for Implementing a Monitoring Plan, and guidance on Managing a Monitoring Plan.

The Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED) policies and procedures that apply to conflicts of interest in research are:

FIU has other conflict of interest policies that apply to non-research matters on the University Policies and Procedures Library at You may access those policies by searching “conflict of interest” on that webpage. This guidance applies only to the requirements pertaining to conflicts of interest in the research context.

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Need Assistance?

The Office of Research Integrity (ORI) oversees the COI-RC and administers the COI Monitoring Plan process. If you have any questions regarding the COI monitoring process, please contact Barbara Llaneras-Rodriguez or Madison Jimenez.  If you have any questions regarding your outside activity/conflict of interest form, please contact Dr. William Anderson.  They can also be reached at: (305) 348-2494.