Research Collaboration at FIU

Research Collaboration at FIU

The importance of scholarly collaborations has been elevated by the growing sentiment that professionals with diverse skills and expertise are required to conduct high quality research and scholarship (Little et al., 2017). The application of the underlying principles of scholarly collaborative work by faculty, research staff, administrators, and students are vital in order to meet the growing need for collective research expertise required to address complex research questions (National Research Council, 2015).

Innovations and advances not possible within one research group are emerging from multi- and inter-disciplinary collaborations and research teams that have harnessed techniques, approaches, and perspectives from multiple research disciplines (National Research Council, 2015).

Making the most of the opportunities that scholarly collaborations have to offer is challenging. Efforts vary considerably; some may be in the idea stage, while other aspire to high goals and are very successful.

Units Fostering FIU Research Collaboration

Tools to Identify Potential Collaborators

FIU Discovery is Florida International University’s portal for exploring and connecting with the university’s scholarly community.

Use the search feature and explore the interconnected results by People, Organizations and Scholarly and Creative Works.

The collaboration module in Scival can help you evaluate existing research collaborations of FIU authors.  You can also use Scival to identify new opportunities for collaboration across the United States or worldwide.

Clarivates Incites & Benchmarking

InCites can be used to analyze which researchers or organizations inside and outside of FIU have collaborated by co-authoring a publication together.  You can also generate statistics such as the number and percentage of either industry or international collaborations present.