Export Controls

Export control laws prohibit the export of certain items and information, or the export of items and information to certain destinations, without a license. The term “export” is defined to include the transmission of goods outside of the United States, as well as the transmission of information by any means to foreign nationals, whether in the U.S. or abroad. The scope of the regulations is broad: they cover exports in the fields of science, engineering, and technology, and apply to Florida International University (FIU) activities.

Faculty and staff of FIU may engage in various research activities overseas, such as attending conferences abroad, entering into academic agreements for services or agreements to do research or to provide goods outside the U.S., making payments to foreign entities or individuals, setting up overseas programs, and co-publishing scholarly articles with foreign colleagues.

Please note that any project with export control requirements accepted by the Office of Research and Economic Development cannot commence until the PI has undergone export control training. Additional information regarding training can be found on this page.

Need Assistance?

For export controls related questions that arise during the proposal process, please contact your Pre-Award coordinator at the Office of Research and Economic Development Pre-Award office.

For export controls related questions about an award, contact your Post-Award representative at the Office of Research and Economic Development Post-Award office.