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Mar 21, 2023: Tenure-Track Faculty Job Candidates:  Part II

William T. Anderson, Ph.D., Associate Vice President, ORED Professor, Earth, and Environment View on site | Email this event [...]

Mar 27, 2023: RCR: Civility Issues in Research Environments at PC - Charles Perry - Primera Casa

Presented by: Ryan Kelley, Senior Director Administrative Services and Dr. Mario Lewis, Assistant Director Talent Management Development This workshop presents a very imporant topic that discusses, "Civility Issues in Research… [...]

Mar 31, 2023: RCR: IACUC Ethics Training

Presented by: Barbara Rodriguez-Llaneras, Associate Director of Research Integrity The workshop provides an overview of the ethical considerations and regulatory framework involved in research with animal subjects. Participants will gain… [...]

Apr 3, 2023: RCR: Obtaining & Managing IACUC Approval at PC - Charles Perry - Primera Casa

Presented by: Angel Rayo, Research Integrity Coordinator II The purpose of the workshop is to provide participants with an overview of the IACUC approval and protocol management process. The workshop… [...]

Apr 13, 2023: Monthly Research Administration Meetings at MARC 340 and via Zoom

The Monthly Research Administration Meetings will focus on relevant updates from ORED units as well as live demonstrations of research processes. The format will be real-time demonstrations showing the step-by-step… [...]

Past Event Materials

Training is provided as part of the Monthly Research Administration Meeting (MRAM). Click below to access the materials on the Past Meeting Event Materials page: