Expedited Review

Expedited human subject research needs to fall into one of the nine Expedited Review Categories. Only qualified IRB members are authorized to approve protocols under expedited review.

The “IRB Approval Form” is used for submitting Expedited requests through the online TOPAZ Electronic Protocol Application System.

Examples of Commonly Expedited Research

The following types of research are commonly processed under expedited review:

  • Studies involving collection of hair or saliva samples
  • Studies of blood samples from healthy volunteers
  • Studies involving noninvasive and minimal risk FDA-approved medical devices (e.g., MRI, electrocardiography, ultrasound, etc.)
  • Studies involving moderate exercise

Research that is Not Eligible for Expedited Review

The following types of research are not eligible for expedited review:

  • Research projects where the identification of the subjects and/or their responses would reasonably place them at risk of criminal or civil liability or be damaging to the subjects financial standing, employability, insurability, reputation, or be stigmatizing, unless reasonable and appropriate protections will be implemented so that risks related to invasion of privacy and breach of confidentiality are no greater than minimal.
  • Research projects that involve classified research with human subjects.

Categories of Expedited Review

The research must fall into one of the nine categories of Expedited research in order to qualify for an Expedited Review by an IRB Member. The full listing of the Expedited Categories can be accessed online at: Expedited Review Categories. Please contact the FIU IRB Coordinator if you need help in determining the appropriate review category for your research project.