Division of Research
Research Facilities

Below is a listing of FIU Research facilities.

Advanced Material Engineering Research Institue(AMERI)
Advanced Material Engineering Research Institute (AMERI)
AMERI provides analytical instrumentation, materials characterization, and process development laboratories to support faculty and industry in the development and characterization of new materials over the continuum from the nanoscale to bulk materials.

Animal Care Facility*
FIU's Animal Care Facility is registered as a research facility with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act and Regulations.

Aquarius Reef Base
Aquarius Reef Base underwater laboratory
Aquarius is an underwater laboratory and home to scientists for missions up to 10 days long, but to call Aquarius a home is like calling the space shuttle Discovery a mode of transportation.

Bioinorganic and Environmental Analytical Facility
The Bioinorganic and Environmental Analytical Facility (BEAF) is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation to provide teaching, research and service support for environmental and biomedical analyses.

Boat & Truck Fleet
The Marine Science Program has fleet of research vessels ranging from 16' to 34', ideal for working in the Everglades, shallow bays and near coastal waters found in South Florida.

DNA Core Facility
The DNA Core facility is fully equipped for DNA sequencing, fragment analysis, and data analysis.

Ecotoxicology and Risk Assessment Laboratory
The Ecotoxicology and Risk Assessment Laboratory conducts ecotoxicity studies with organic and inorganic chemicals and a multitude of exposure types with indigenous, exotic and standard test species.

EH & S Dive Safety*
The FIU Diving & Boating Safety Office supports the University research and academic mission by providing classrom and aquatic training in accident prevention and management in the aquatic and marine environment.

Electron Microscopy
The Florida Center for Analytical Electron Microscopy supports education and research in micro-analysis and imaging of materials

Electronic Shops
The purpose of the Electronics Shop is to design and manufacture high-quality electronic equipment and components in support of scientific research.

Field Operations Center (FOC)*
The Field Operations Center (FOC) is responsible for maintaining and scheduling SERC's fleet of nine vehicles, four airboats and eight saltwater boats.

FIU Imaging Facility
FIU Microscopy Imaging Facility
FIU's Microscopy Imaging Facilityprovides affordable, readily accessible, user-friendly microscope imaging technology to researchers at Florida International University and other area institutions.

Forensic DNA Profiling Center (IFRI)
The Forensic DNA Profiling Facility provides teaching, research and service support for DNA profile (fragment) analyses.
Freshwater Biogeochemistry Laboratory
Freshwater Biogeochemistry Laboratory

The FWBGC lab conducts biogeochemical research and monitoring to support the protection and restoration of freshwater ecosystems in South Florida and beyond.

Geographic Information Systems Center (GIS)*
FIU's Geographic Information Systems Center (GIS Center) supports and facilitates the teaching and research activities of the FIU community in the areas of geographic information systems, remote sensing, geospatial web visualization and geospatial data management.

The Greenhouse Core Facilities provide a high-quality growing range for plants that are used by faculty and students for research, as well as for teaching (lab assignments) and classroom demonstrations.

Integrated Biostatistics and Data Management Center (IBDMC)
The IBDMC provides biostatistical, data management, and data quality enhancement services for faculty and graduate students who are preparing proposals or manuscripts; designing studies; and/or collecting, managing, analyzing, or archiving data.

Machine Shop
The Machine Shop provides machining services to faculty, graduate students and associated researchers throughout the College of Arts & Sciences and the University.

Mass Spectrometry and NMR Facility*
The Mass Spectrometry and NMR Facility's charter is to provide analytical support to the FIU scientific and research community.

Stable Isotope Laboratory (SERC)*
The Stable Isotope Laboratory provides quality isotopic analyses for the FIU research community (and the community at large), helping both researchers and students use stable isotopic approaches in a variety of biogeochemical projects being conducted in the southeastern US, the Caribbean region, and beyond.

Toxic Algae Culture Core Facility
The Toxic Algae Culture Core Facility is the main repository and supplier of microorganism cultures, purified toxins, DNA and RNA, labeled toxins and antibodies for a variety of investigators under the auspices of the ARCH program.

Trace Evidence Analysis Facility (IFRI)
The TEAF facility may accept contracts for analytical services from academic, industrial, and government customers. Activities in the facility also include research support for faculty and students, laboratory instruction, workshop support and casework analyses.

Trace Metal Facility Core
The Trace Metal Facility Core promotes collaborative studies on trace metals in the environmental and biological systems by providing a facility for ARCH members at Florida International University and the University of Miami and other collaborators.

University of Miami Department of Psychology MRI Facility and Equipment
Through an agreement executed with the Department of Psychology at the University of Miami, FIU faculty with approved research projects can schedule time on UM’s research-dedicated fMRI magnet. The 3T GE MR750 MR scanner and 32-channel head coil capable of performing structural and functional scans in human subjects is located on UM’s Coral Gables campus.

Wall of Wind
Wall of Wind (WOW)
The IHRC has developed an innovative research capability in full-scale structural testing to determine inherent weaknesses of structures when subjected to categories 1 to 5 hurricane-force winds and rain, leading to new technologies, designs and products.

* Research facility is operated as a recharge center. If you should have any questions regarding recharge centers in general, establishing a rate and setting up a recharge center, or existing recharge centers, please visit the recharge center information page or e-mail recharge.centers@fiu.edu at the Office of Budget & Cost Analysis in the Office of Research and Economic Development.