Administrative Forms Award Management Forms Commonly Requested Documents
Conflict of Interest Forms Export Controls Forms IACUC Forms
IBC Forms IRB Forms Proposal Preparation Forms
 Responsible Conduct of Research Forms Technology & Innovations Forms

Administrative Forms

Agreement Request Form
Confidentiality Agreement for Clinical Trials Form
Confidentiality Agreement – General
Equipment Transfer Request Form
Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) Request Form
Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) Request Form for Baptist Health South Florida (BHSF) Biospecimen Repository Facility (BRF)
Non-Sponsored Project ID Request Form
Office of Research and Economic Development Report Request Form
Social Security Number Collection Notice

Award Management Forms

Advance for Research Payments
Sponsored Research Purchase Exemption Request
Budget Modification Form
Certification of Third Party Cost Share
Change of PI Request Form
Consulting Agreement/Amendment Request Form
Cost Sharing Verification Master Form
Cost Transfer – Transfer of Non-Payroll Charges Form
Cost Transfer – Transfer of Non-Payroll Charges Form Instructions
Gift Card Request For Research Subjects
NIH Assurance Form
No Cost Extension Form
Participant Payment Forms and Procedures
Participant Payment Fund Extension Form
Pre-Award Release of Funds Form
Project Transfer Request Form
Request to Change Org Dept ID on Sponsored Project Form
Research Subject Payment Form
Residual Balances Form
Sensitive Data / CUI Data Questionnaire
Subcontract Agreement / Amendment Request Form
Subcontract/Consultant Invoice Approval Form
Subproject Letter of Agreement Request Form
Transfer of Procurement Card Charges

Commonly Requested Documents

Cost Accounting Standards Board Disclosure Statement (DS-2)
F&A Agreement (.pdf)
Hispanic Serving Institution (Title III & Title V) (.pdf)
Non-Sponsored Deposit Form
University statistics are available at: Office of Institutional Research

Conflict of Interest Forms (COI)

Employee Disclosure Statement
Exemption Disclosure Request Form
Monitoring Plan Form
Monitoring Plan Renewal Form
Outside Activity/Conflict of Interest Electronic Reporting System applies to all benefits eligible faculty and staff members and to all persons conducting research)

Export Controls Forms

Record of Review for Export Control
Certification on the Handling of Export-Controlled Information (.pdf ||.doc )
By signing this form, the Principal Investigator certifies responsibility and penalties associated with export controlled information.

Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee Forms (IACUC)

Event Report Form

Institutional BioSafety Committee Forms (IBC)

Event Report Form

Institutional Review Board Forms (IRB)

Adverse Event Table Form
Event Report Form
Consent Translation Form
Informed Consent Templates
Request for Access to Educational Records for Research
WIRB Pre-Submission Eligibility Form

Proposal Preparation Forms

Checklist to Determine Subrecipient or Contractor Involvement
Cost Share Form
Direct Charge Exemption Form – Salaries
Direct Charge Exemption Form – Expenses
Electronic Proposal Routing Approval Form (ePRAF PDF format)
Electronic Proposal Routing Approval Form (ePRAF Word format)
ePRAF Clinical Trials Form for Non-NIH Applications
Extra State Compensation Justification
FIU Consultant Commitment Form
Internal Budget Sheet
Internal Budget Sheet – Extended
College of Medicine – COM Internal Budget Sheet
College of Medicine – COM Internal Budget Sheet – Extended
Investigator Report of Financial Interests in Research Form
9 month NIH Salary Cap Calculations
12 month NIH Salary Cap Calculations
NIH LRP Instructions & Certification
Purchase of Electronic Devices on Federal Awards
Subawardee Commitment Form

Responsible Conduct of Research Forms (RCR)

NIH Training Certification Form

Technology Management Forms

Intellectual Property Disclosure Form